Best cloud orchestration software 2021

Best cloud orchestration software 2021

Cloud computing services are beginning to play an increasingly important role in today’s businesses, so it’s important to simplify and streamline their workflows. Cloud orchestration software platforms can help you do just that. These programs will equip you with a single platform on which you can control and automate the functions necessary for your work. In addition, they help companies predict and calculate costs and resources so that your business uses the best ways to serve its needs. We’ve compiled a list of cloud orchestration platforms that would do these tasks best in this article.

Microsoft Azure Automation Overview

The main advantage of Microsoft Azure Automation is that it easily allows you to integrate with different management systems. Therefore, it is great if your company is working with hybrid cloud configurations. Manage deployments in hybrid clouds as well as on-premises infrastructure. This makes it much easier to update all your OS (Windows or Linux) programs and reduces the chance of any errors occurring. For additional features, you can:

  • Import configuration files
  • Inventory your system’s resource allocation
  • Use reports to find information about any part of your IT infrastructure

Puppet Bolt Overview

Puppet Bolt is a well-respected cloud orchestration platform that focuses more on cloud management and automation. It is a free tool that will reduce your need to configure workflows manually. To do this, it offers already prepared plans and scenarios, for you to choose from, and thus helps you make changes to your IT infrastructure and cloud services faster.

Puppet Bolt ensures robust security policies and timely customer support assistance. The vendor provides an online tutorial so you can better understand the program.

BMC Multi-Cloud Management Overview

BMC Multi-Cloud Management gives its customers the ability to manage multiple clouds in different ways. The program includes in its features:

  • Functions for cloud migration services
  • Cost forecasting
  • Predictive service management

There are also additional multi-cloud visibility features through hybrid asset mapping along with dependency mapping automation. Keep a close eye on all the processes going on in your clouds to sort out any issues quickly and efficiently.

Morpheus Overview

Morpheus is designed to connect developers to self-service infrastructure. It is used by a multifunctional enterprise like McDonald’s. This software has excellent analytics features to calculate costs when using different methods and resources. With it, you can create service catalogs, complex multi-cloud structures, and access stack visualization tools. You will be able to set different privacy policies on different cloud servers to regulate their access. The platform integrates with development tools that manage source code, execution, code deployment, and application performance monitoring.

CloudHealth Review

CloudHealth is a new but rather successful cloud platform specializing in managing hybrid cloud servers. The key functions of the program include:

  • Visibility of multiple platforms
  • Providing reporting and data analytics through a dedicated control panel
  • Tracking total costs
  • Identify trends so you can plan your budget based on your growth model

Security and control functions are also built into the software. This way you can be sure that your data is protected because modern technologies reduce the possibility of data leakage to zero.

VMware also provides CloudHealth with approved cloud partnerships that help you build and manage clouds with exactly what you need for full interoperability, cost control, and security.